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I thought it would be good to give you an insight into my own carp fishing, where i’ve fished in the past and what I’m currently up to. Its basically a quick trip into what floats the boat of the maker of the brands your browsing and where my inspiration comes from that sometimes is a bit wacky and I’m sure goes over some peoples heads.
My brand and its products are based around the fact that all carp anglers blank, that’s a fact and believe me ive been involved in media work within the angling world and seen some dirty tricks in order to avoid a fruitless session when the video cameras are rolling. I’ve blanked with the best of em and don’t care, that’s part of carp angling so go with it. My inspiration comes from literally all sorts, chatting with mates, music, my own angling and sometimes the things that blindside you on some idle Tuesday. I love seeing an idea in my head become a physical product and then see others embracing the product and buying it with their hard earnt money, there simply is no better feeling. I recently went to a day ticket lake for a nights fishing and upon barrowing down the track I saw an oldish gent baiting up with his bucket beside him, it was plastered with my bucket stickers … I had to stop and ask him if he liked the stickers, his reply was they are fantastic mate, “ya wanna see the one that says Terry is my apprentice , its class” I laughed and introduced myself as the originator of his bucket stickers…he shook my hand and told me “well done mate”. If my designs have that effect on one person then its worth it. I understand we wont sell 1000,s of items being a niche brand making our own products which take time, but I like it that way, I control the quality. I’ve suffered recenty with my mental health through non stop thinking but some of my products wouldn’t have been made if it weren’t for my head running away with itself so some good has come from a difficult time.
My fishing has over the last few years has changed drastically from what I was doing, chasing big fish for purely weight, writing magazine articles, doing video work and publicising every fish that came along. I now fish a water which contains some stunning carp, I hardly publicise any fish these days, just being there is a blessing. The fish accompanying this blog are a few fish I’ve never shown before and caught recently. Anyway enough of my ramblings, i’ll leave it there for now. I hope this has given you a quick insight into my own angling and I,ll be following this up with regular blogs. Good luck in your own angling, keep blanking and like the great Rod Hutchinson used to say “don’t forget to smell the roses along the way”. Regards Hoggy

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